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AEG lawyers win a round in Michael Jackson lawsuit

(CNS) – Attorneys for AEG Live won a round in court today when a judge ordered Michael Jackson’s mother and his three children to answer more questions about their lawsuit accusing the entertainment conglomerate of negligently hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to care for the late King of Pop.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos also said AEG Live can continue taking Katherine Jackson’s deposition, which began last week but is still incomplete.

Jackson was set to perform a string of 50 shows in London for AEG Live, but he died June 25, 2009 of acute propofol intoxication in Los Angeles while rehearsing for the concert series.

The negligence suit was filed in September 2010 by Katherine Jackson on behalf of herself and her son’s three children, Michael Jr., Paris-Michael Katherine and Prince Michael, alleging the company was negligent in hiring Murray.

Update : April 17 , 2012

Not surprisingly Katherine Jackson's lawyers have filed opposition documents to AEG's motion asking the judge to order Katherine Jackson to answer interrogatories, document requests and deposition.

Main points :
- Katherine's lawyers argue that AEG's motion is unnecessary because Katherine already agreed to be deposed on April 17, 2012 .
- No one from AEG has been deposed to this date as well.

- Katherine (and Prince, Paris, Blanket) will submit supplemental responses to the interrogatories before April 24 (hearing date).
- Katherine (and Prince, Paris, Blanket) do not have any documents in regards to most of the requests and if they have anything they would provide them to AEG before April 24 (hearing date).

Judge sets the trial date as September 10, 2012.

December 2011 KJ - AEG lawsuit update

Katherine Jackson's first set of interrogatories has been filed. Interrogatories is request for more information.

Katherine is asking more information about

- the names of lawyers who represented Michael at MJ- AEG contract, negotiations
- if Tohme was paid by AEG since 2007
- if AEG paid Michael any advances since January 2009
- if AEG paid Michael's rent

There's a motion to compel hearing set for April 24, 2012 in Katherine Jackson - AEG lawsuit.

Before trial happens both sides send interrogatories - questions - to the other side to answer and request for documents . AEG is now claiming that Katherine Jackson is not answering their questions and they filed thousands of pages showing all the communications and asking the judge to order Katherine Jackson to answer AEG's questions.


- April 2011 AEG sends the questions and document requests to Katherine, Prince, Paris and Blanket.
- After delays in November 2011 Katherine and the kids sends all objections to all questions asked. They did not answer any questions or provided any documents to AEG.

September 2010 

Original complaint

According to the documents
- They are suing AEG organization and Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, Paul Gongaware (CEO) and Timothy Leiweke (President) as individuals.
- They are also leaving room to add more defendants as they identify them.
- Michael Jackson's estate is not a part of the lawsuit.
- It states that AEG controlled Michael's life.
- It also states that Murray was selected and hired by AEG.
- It says that AEG- Murray agreement was done on May 8 2009.