Both parties have filed their motions to exclude certain topics to be mentioned during trial. The judge will hear the arguments and decide on these motions on March 21 (or later). The following are the summaries of both parties’ motions. 

AEG Live 

AEG Live states that the jury will decide on 4 narrow issues

1- Whether AEG Live hired Murray
2- Whether Murray was unfit
3- Whether AEG Live had a reason to believe an undue risk of harm would exist due to Murray
4- Whether harm occurred. 

Based on this AEG Live asks the judge to exclude the following:

March 11, 2013 Update

Some additional documents were added and now we have more information about the expert witnesses 

Updates to Katherine's expert witnesses

In addition to the 23 retained experts mentioned in the original post, it turns out Katherine Jackson has listed 84 non-retained experts that she may call during trial. 

Katherine Jackson's 84 non-retained experts are as follows

Court of appeals webpage

Court of appeals info

Date Description Notes
03/07/2013 Filed petition for writ of: Mandate/Stay Requested by AEG Live et al.

03/07/2013 Exhibits filed in support of: 13 Volumes of exhibits by Petr. AEG Live et al.

03/07/2013 Filed document entitled: Unredacted Petition for Writ of Mandate by Petr. AEG Live et al.

03/07/2013 Filed document entitled: Unredacted Exhibits in support of Petition for Writ of Mandate (13 Volumes) by Petr. AEG Live et al.

While we are waiting for the final order on motion for summary judgment , I give you AEG's redacted reply to Katherine Jackson's opposition to the motion for summary judgment. We didn't see what Katherine's lawyers have filed but AEG's reply can give us an idea about Katherine's claims.


I have a some little tidbits about why Katherine wants to depose Murray.

These are from the documents filed