September 2012

AEG says they only provided emails to Lloyds starting from Jan 2009. they provided emails going back to 2008 to KJ and her lawyers

guess what emails were given to LA Times? yep they are dating back to 2008. That's why AEG says it can only be Jacksons and not Lloyds.

LA Times was also given documents from "AEG Live" which is not even a party to Lloyds lawsuit and didn't provide anything to them

We won't see the emails though. They filed the copy of the emails given to La Times under seal 

September 2012 AEG emails leak 

Media article

Doubts surfaced early on Michael Jackson

Emails in Jackson insurance litigation show AEG execs knew of concerns about the pop star's stability.

Michael Jackson rehearses at Staples Center in June 2009 for his "This Is It" tour. (Kevin Mazur, AEG/Getty Images / June 23, 2009)

By Harriet Ryan, Los Angeles TimesSeptember 2, 2012

The scene in Michael Jackson's London hotel suite left Randy Phillips in a panic. Phillips was one of the world's most powerful music promoters and used to rock 'n' roll chaos, but the star's condition still floored him.

"MJ is locked in his room drunk and despondent," Phillips said in an email to his boss at Anschutz Entertainment Group, the Los Angeles company staking a fortune on the singer. "I [am] trying to sober him up."

AEG May / June updates

Medical records: As expected AEG had requested medical records for Michael and MJ Estate had mentioned their objections. There's an agreement reached with MJ Estate in regards to Michael's health records. It was limited to 3 years before his death (2006 to 2009) and the records were to be sent to MJ Estate first. MJ Estate had the right to redact the documents claiming doctor - patient privilege / private info and relevance before sending them out to AEG and / or KJ. Latest documents show that there's a second agreement that made the time period 1984 to 2009, although it's not clear if this is only limited to Klein and some witnesses or everyone. Still the rest of the rules are in place. Estate is still redacting any private and irrelevant information before sending the medical records out and the documents are still marked as confidential. 

Klein: There's not much to say about Klein's medical records. He was asked for them, he sent 27 pages of medical records all for 2009. LA District Attorney's office gave the copies of the medical records they had. They had 34 pages, 12 pages were different than waht Klein sent to AEG and it included 2008. As the medical records sent didn't cover the initial time period (from 2006) and the second agreed time period (from 1984), AEG has tried to ask for them. However they got no response from Klein and his office and couldn't find who (what lawyer) is representing Klein so they are asking the judge to order Klein to turn over the documents. 

August 2012


AEG has to filed a motion to compel Taunya Zilkie. Taunya has been deposed for 5 hours on May 16 but her lawyer had 360 objections and Taunya refused to answer many questions. Currently Taunya is refusing to continue her deposition. She didn't also provide some documents such as copies of emails about Michael etc, even though she was requested. AEG is asking the judge to order her to sit down for the continuance of her deposition, order her to answer questions and make her pay monetary sanctions at least $20,000.

Summary of the motion

- AEG lawyers say Taunya has publicly declared them guilty of Michael's death - AEG has copies of tweets of Taunya dated February 2011.
- Taunya twice failed to appear for her deposition (on April 10 and May 1), finally her deposition started on May 16. 

May 10 2012


AEG has filed a motion to delay the trial dates.

If you remember they had complained before that the late discovery (Katherine not answering or not sitting for a deposition) made it hard for them to prepare for the trial on time. 

I'll update as soon as I get more information


May 14 Update