Heads up : AEG want to play Jacksons expert Shimelman deposition, Jacksons are opposing. Shimelman is the doctor who said Michael had one week to live (mentioned by Briggs during his testimony). In his deposition he says Michael was addicted to opioids / Demerol since 1993 and never stopped using them (getting injections even when he had the implant) and actively addicted to Demerol at time of his death. He lists almost all of Michael's doctors for giving him not good medical care.

AEG has 2 of their own witnesses to testify to similar things.

I'm going to do this in bullet point format, it's basically shortened versions of what they are saying

May 5th updates 

Appeal notice 

Case summary was showing this “04/26/2013 Notice of Appeal Filed by Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner” but we did not have any information. 

The added documents show that this appeal is filed by Katherine Jackson and it’s about judge’s decision to dismiss the complaint against AEG Inc. and Tim Leiweke. In other words Katherine’s lawyers are asking the Appellate court to reverse the judge’s order of dismissing the complaint against AEG Inc and its CEO. 

 May 11 Update

Michael Bush Deposition

Michael Bush is one of the witnesses that is late added by Jacksons. AEG wants to depose Michael Bush before he testifies. IT's not clear if Jacksons actually plan to call him to stand. 

Conrad Murray police interview

Jacksons and AEG is arguing over Murray's interview with the police on June 27 2009. (This is the interview that was shown during the criminal trial).