There's a motion to compel hearing set for April 24, 2012 in Katherine Jackson - AEG lawsuit.

Before trial happens both sides send interrogatories - questions - to the other side to answer and request for documents . AEG is now claiming that Katherine Jackson is not answering their questions and they filed thousands of pages showing all the communications and asking the judge to order Katherine Jackson to answer AEG's questions.


- April 2011 AEG sends the questions and document requests to Katherine, Prince, Paris and Blanket.
- After delays in November 2011 Katherine and the kids sends all objections to all questions asked. They did not answer any questions or provided any documents to AEG.

- All of the December & January is filled with back and forth communications with Katherine's and AEG's lawyers to find a solution to the requests and not answering. They finally agree on mid-February to answer all the requests with minor modifications.
- Early February Katherine Jackson sends her initial answers but they are all the same answer copy pasted - which is in most instances just a repeat of the complaint.
- Mid- February deadline comes and AEG still does not receive the additional and all required answers and Katherine's lawyers start to ask for indefinite extensions. AEG at that time says they cannot give indefinite extensions because they need to get the answers and prepare for the trial.
- AEG waits for Mid-March but they get no documents or no additional responses.
- AEG says they weren't able to take depositions of the Jackson family members. Katherine was supposed to be deposed at March 1st but she didn't show up for deposition. They also haven't given a new date.

Therefore AEG is asking the judge to order Katherine Jackson to answer the questions and document requests.

From the documents we can see that the documents AEG is asking for includes
- anything about Michael's health
- anything about the doctors
- anything about how success or failure of TII would affect Michael financially
- any documents or communications with Michael's staff - Grace, Karen Faye, Kai Chase and the bodyguards are explicitly named.
- any documents about financial allowances or gifts Michael gave to Katherine and the rest of the Jacksons.
- any document about Katherine's finances and assets
- all social media, internet accounts, blogs, emails used by Michael, Katherine, Michael's kids and all Jacksons.
- anything about Michael's diet, nutrition or eating disorders
- anything about Michael's financial information as well as actual or potential bankruptcy
- any diary, journal, calendar etc kept by Michael.
- any autopsy reports
- documents about any mental health issues Michael suffered through his lifetime.
- any documents or communications about substance abuse, interventions , rehab
- any documents or communications about if Michael had consideration or propensity to commit suicide.

Questions asked to Katherine include
- Asking Katherine to explain the information she based her claims on
- how Katherine spent time with Michael between 04-09
- any communications Katherine had with Michael about his health , addiction, substance abuse, interventions and so on.
- communications with Michael between June 17 and June 24.
- Katherine's impression about Michael's health
- Michael's finances
- any time Katherine saw Michael to take any medicine/ drug and any effects she saw
- any time Katherine saw Michael impaired or under the effects of drugs, alcohol such as slurred speech, bloodshot eyes
- explain any time Michael spent in rehab
- any talks Katherine had with Michael about TII
- explain items, objects, documents taken from Michael's residences by Jacksons.

Questions sent to Prince, Paris and Blanket include
- asking them to identify all people that lived or worked in Carolwood from Jan 09 to June 09
- tell about any instances anyone talking / asking them about Michael's health
- tell about any instances anyone talking / asking them about Michael's addictions or mental health issues
- asking them to tell how they spent time with Michael including activities they did and typical conversations they had
- asking if they talked with Michael about his health and medicines he took
- asking them about their impression of Michael's physical and mental health
- all interactions and communications from June 23 to June 25
- asking about when they first met Murray and asking them to tell when and where they saw Murray over the years.
- asking about all their interactions , communications with Murray
- asking if they witnessed Murray to give Michael medical treatment
- asking if they saw Michael to take any medicine and any effects they witnessed
- asking if they ever saw Michael impaired
- asking about any drugs or alcohol present in Carolwood
- any conversations they had with Michael about TII
- their impression about Michael's physical and mental health
- asking about their interactions with Klein
- asking about any conversations they had about Michael with the Jacksons

Note: These requests for information and documents are done to gather information so that the parties can prepare for the trial. Just because a question is asked doesn't mean it happened or that the person has any knowledge about it.