February 2013

HTWF has just filed their 70 page opening brief.

Summary as follows

- HTWF's one of the most interesting arguments are that HTWF's lawyer Pease has committed fraud, Pease had conflict of interest

- HTWF also blames the district court for not following the trial schedule, not giving HTWF enough time to respond and not allowing Melissa to file on her behalf. They even allege that the court accepting and granting many of Estate's requests shows a favoritism of the Estate or courts desire to close the case.

May 2011 - HTWF rescinds Settlement Agreement


In the recent documents filed with the court we see that HTWF Board of Directors notified MJ Estate that they are rejecting & rescinding the Settlement Agreement stating that Melissa Johnson wasn't authorized to sign such agreement without asking the board of directors.


- Estate and HTWF began discussing a settlement on April 16th. They signed a binding agreement on April 19th - the first day of trial. 

- Judge gave them a month ( May 19th) to file a status report about the settlement (how they are working on the tasks required by the settlement).


- Today Estate filed a document with the court saying that they wouldn't be able to file the status report on May 19th because 

May 2012

Actually there's been a delay in this case. 

When HTWF filed the mediation questionnaire , HTWF said they are willing to discuss mediation, Estate said they weren't willing to do it. As HTWF wanted mediation, court set a date for a mediator and in the process delayed the dates to 

appellants shall file the opening brief on or before June 1, 2012; 
appellees shall file the answering brief on or before July 30, 2012; 
appellants may file their optional reply brief within fourteen (14) days from the service date of the answering brief. 

MJ Estate and HTWF settles on the day of trial.


Estate send this statement


Press reports on TMZ and other media sites regarding  the settlement terms between the Michael Jackson Estate and the Heal the World defendants are wrong. The Estate is taking back the Heal the World Foundation and all of the Michael Jackson trademarks it allegedly owned. The Michael Jackson Estate owns the Heal the World name, and neither Melissa Johnson nor her companies will ever be able to use Michael Jackson's name or the Heal the World name.



This is my post about the settlement.

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