Judge sets the trial date as September 10, 2012.

December 2011 KJ - AEG lawsuit update

Katherine Jackson's first set of interrogatories has been filed. Interrogatories is request for more information.

Katherine is asking more information about

- the names of lawyers who represented Michael at MJ- AEG contract, negotiations
- if Tohme was paid by AEG since 2007
- if AEG paid Michael any advances since January 2009
- if AEG paid Michael's rent

- any communications with Michael about missing rehearsals
- if they told Michael to stop or recommend to take medications
- if they told Michael to stop or recommend to see a doctor
- if they knew Murray bought Propofol
- if they compensated Murray
- about June 18 meeting

Katherine is asking AEG to provide the following documents

- any insurance policies on Michael in regards to TII
- documents about TII
- AEG's communications with Murray (such as emails)
- agreements between AEG - MJ and AEG - Murray
- TII revenue expectations
- documents about TII schedule change including expenses and/or profits
- documents about the people AEG hired to work for Michael such as security guards, drivers, assistants, lawyers, medical doctors and so on.
- any documents about Michael's health
- any documents about Murray's medical treatment of Michael (good luck finding that)
- any documents about Tohme and Denis Hawk including communications and any payments
- documents about Murray's medical requests
- visitor logs / security logs for Michael's Carolwood residence for months of May and June 2009.


AEG's initial response

As expected AEG calls Katherine Jackson's requests too broad and too burdensome. They have filed for a protective order - saying that some documents are confidential and needs to be sealed. They are waiting for a decision on this to provide the requested documents. Katherine Jackson's lawyers are against this. There will be a hearing mid-January to decide about the protective order and possible sealing of the documents.

In their initial response AEG also states that
- talks about TII tour started in September 2008
- some documents are protected by attorney client privilege
- AEG has never entered into a written or oral agreement with Murray
- AEG has never compensated Murray
- Murray never requested medical equipment or nurse to be used in Los Angeles - he asked for them for London.
- AEG doesn't have security logs or visitor passes for Carolwood residence.

AEG is willing to provide the rest of the documents that was asked but they want them to be sealed and marked confidential. We'll see how the judge will decide in a month.


Minor win for AEG in the case. Judge has granted AEG request for marking the documents confidential and possibly sealing them.