Hearing about Motions

First day of Jacksons vs. AEG trial started with Judge hearing motions about whether Michael Jackson's medical history will be made public and objections about opening statements. (LATimes &AP). AEG objected a slide that referenced Amy Winehouse, heavy redaction of an email that talked about Murray’s visit to strip clubs. Judge ordered changes to strip club mentions and removal of reference to Amy Winehouse (AP).

Jackson’s lawyers opposed AEG slide that mentioned $40 billion damages. Jackson lawyers stated $40 Billion figure was thrown out there to preserve Jackson family’s rights and not filed with court. Judge allowed AEG to show damages slide to jury (AP).

During the hearing Judge asked if Conrad Murray will testify. AEG said they intend to call Murray as a witness (ABC7).

This is the portions of Prince's testimony, check back for the full testimony shortly

Prince Jackson testimony about Randy Phillips at the house

Jackson Direct

Q Did you ever see Randy Phillips at your house before your father died?
A yes. A couple of times.
Q Did it surprise you to see him?
A uhm, sometimes it did, because he would come up unannounced when my dad wasn't at the house.
Q okay. Who was Randy -- was Randy Phillips with anyone at the home?
A he would come either with Dr. Tohme, or sometimes he would come with some other men I didn't recognize.
Q did you ever see him speaking to anyone at your house?