We are in the phase where one party files a summary judgment motion asking to dismiss all or parts of a lawsuit before it goes to trial. AEG has just filed their summary judgment motion in an attempt to dismiss Katherine Jackson's lawsuit against them. 

I will post a brief info and post the documents and then update the thread with the summaries etc. Feel free to read, comment and summarize as well. We are opening this thread first at News and Happenings due to significance of it, later it'll be moved to Trials and Tribulations.

AEG Live, Gongaware and Phillips has filed their own summary judgment motion. I'll be posting the documents for it. 

AEG Inc, and Leiweike has filed a separate summary judgment motion. I will not be posting it but mainly they argue that the parent company AEG and Leiweike had no contact or involvement with Michael or Murray and therefore they should be removed as parties. 

Read the judge's order yourself



To answer the question judge had two main issues

1. Conflicting expert reports : AEG's expert said that the documents can only come from Katherine's side by comparing trash marks (copier marks on the documents). Katherine's experts said the document quality was too low to make a determination and that AEG's expert ignored some of the marks. 

2. Failure to show willful breach: Even though Mann could have been the source, AEG failed to show a willful breach - in other words they

Some information :

Estate's only involvement in AEG - Jackson lawsuit is in regard to Michael's medical records. Estate as the representative of Michael claimed patient - doctor privilege and was against giving Michael's medical records. Judge ruled against MJ Estate and said Michael's medical records will be a part of discovery. Estate then pushed for a protective order in regards to Michael's medical records. Now the doctors send Michael's medical records to MJ Estate, MJ Estate goes over them, redacts any personal and irrelevant information and then marks them confidential and sends it to parties. 


AEG wants to get Jermaine Jackson's book drafts. 

Media reports parties want to depose Arnold Klein