Jacksons vs AEG - Day 12 – May 16 2013 – Summary


There was a motions hearing during the morning session about Frank Dileo emails and Conrad Murray’s police interview.

Jacksons is trying to get Frank Dileo’s emails. Jacksons believe there may be discussions between DiLeo and AEG about MJ/his health (ABC7). David Regoli, a lawyer for Mrs. Dileo, said Mrs. DiLeo asked him to review the subpoena by Katherine Jackson's attorney, go thru the emails and produce anything relevant to the parties. Media (AP) also reported that the same law firm represented Dileo family in regards to the subpoena but they no longer represent Mrs. Dileo. 

Jackson's attorneys want to make sure AEG turned over all the email conversations AEG had with everyone about MJ. If it's proven they didn't, it could be a problem for AEG's attorney. Everyone is on standby. (ABC7)

Judge ruled that Murray’s June 27 LAPD interview is considered hearsay and it can’t be presented to the jury. Judge said Murray’s statement might be admissible if the former doctor testified in court.

Julie Hollander Testimony 

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 11 - May 14 2013- Summary

Katherine Jackson, Rebbie and Trent are at court.

Choreographer Travis Payne and Katherine Jackson spoke briefly in the courtroom before the jury came in. They seemed cordial.(AP)

Travis Payne Testimony

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 10 - May 13 2013- Summary

Katherine and Rebbie Jackson are in the courtroom.

Stacy Walker and Travis Payne – witnesses for AEG- are testifying out of order as they will be leaving for Japan for work. 

Stacy Walker Testimony