October 2

Verdict reached. Jury found AEG not liable. Jury voted yes to question 1 "Did AEG Live hire Murray?". Jury voted no to question 2 "Was Murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired?". Jury found that AEG hired Dr. Murray but that the doctor was not unfit or incompetent for the job he was hired to do.

Jury foreman explained jury's reasoning as follows:

The jury foreman just explained the logic behind the verdict. They felt Murray was competent to do the job for which he was hired -- to be a good general practitioner. Jurors felt Murray had gone to a good school and was qualified. The juror added, "That doesn't mean we felt he was ethical. Had that question been in there, it could have been a different outcome. Jury foreman also said there are NO winners here. "Somebody had to die for us to be here today".

Jury worked from 9:36 am until 12:03 pm without break. Almost 2h30. Jurors back in deliberating. They started at 1:23 pm PT. At 1:49 pm PT, two very distinct buzzes were heard in the courtroom. Jurors indicated they had reached a verdict. TOTAL DELIBERATION: 13 hours and 44 minutes . Today was Day 4 of deliberation, Day 90 of trial.