September 26

Jury chose the presiding juror and sent Note 1.

At 3:05 pm PT , jurors sent Note 1 asking:
- 12 copies of the jury instruction
- A large supply of post it notes
- 12 highlighters
- 12 red pens
- 12 black pens
- video player
- This Is It documentary
- 12 copies independent contractor agreement

Jury has left for the day. They deliberated for 2 hours today. They are back tomorrow morning for full day of deliberations.

September 27 

The jurors started working at 9:30 am PT today.

This morning the jurors buzzed once asking for a Coke. Then they had another note, asking for 8 legal pads for writing and a ruler.
Jury has gone home for the day. NO VERDICT yet. They deliberated for 4 hours and a half today. Total of 6 and a half hours so far. One of the jurors requested next Monday off. So deliberation resumes on Tuesday at 9:30 am PT.

October 1

Jurors have began day 3 of deliberations. Deliberation today was from 9:45 am until 11:30 am, took lunch break, deliberated between 1:04 - 3:00 PM. Took another break. They started at 3:22 pm PT. Not one question/request today. Jury has gone home for the day!!! So far, they have deliberated for 10 hours and 32 minutes. They return tomorrow at 9:30 am PT.