Jacksons vs AEG - Day 82 – September 19 2013 – Summary

Judge Yvette Palazuelos told the jury she’s allowing Jacksons attorneys to reopen their case briefly.

Allan Metzger Testimony

Jackson direct

Attorney Deborah Chang did direct examination. He said he was traveling, returned 2-3 weeks ago. He gave his deposition in September of 2012, about 3 years after Michael Jackson died. He worked with MJ for 25-30 years. The doctor explained he didn’t have all the medical records when he gave deposition, they were spread around to coroners, attorneys. 

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 81 – September 18 2013 – Summary

Judge Yvette Palazuelos ruled that closing arguments and possibly verdict will take place in a much larger courtroom. The trial will move to the same courtroom where jury selection was done in order to accommodate whoever wants to see the proceedings live. The ruling came with objection of AEG’s attorneys who wanted to keep everything in the small courtroom the trial took place over last 5 months. During deliberation, the jurors will be partially sequestered. They will have special arrangements for arrival and departure. Jurors will have a room to eat lunch that doesn’t require them to mingle with anyone else. Judge said minimum of 3, up to 4 hours for closing for each side. Closing arguments to begin Monday at 10 am with plaintiffs. Closing for defense Tuesday at 10 am. Rebuttal on Wednesday — not sure how long Panish will take. Best envision to finish pre-instruction Friday by noon, closing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, concluding instruction after rebuttal. Judge: After it’s done, staff and security will need 1 hour and 1/2 with the jurors prior to the commencement of deliberations. According to this plan, jury could get the case late Wednesday or Thursday of next week.Court staff gave jurors October calendar, they are to check it and bring back tomorrow.

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 79 – September 4 2013 – Summary

No Jackson family members are in court today. 

Dr. Paul Earley Testimony

Jackson cross

Boyle started out by asking Earley about his experience writing articles for medical publications and any conflicts of interest. Earley said he had written two or three peer-reviewed articles. He said some were published in European journals. Boyle then showed Earley the conflict of interest policy for the journal where the AEG-funded article ran. The policy states potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed on the cover sheet when the article is submitted. Earley said he did disclose that AEG Live paid for the research funding as spelled out in the policy. AEG’s payments were listed on the article’s seventh page. Earley said he had no control over where the disclosure was listed, that was the journal’s decision. (AP) Dr. Earley cross continued. The first item was the Propofol Study that he published at the beginning of 2013.

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 80 – September 6 2013 – Summary

No Jackson family members are in court today. 

(source : ABC7 unless otherwise indicated)

Dr. William B Van Valin Video Deposition

Dr. William B Van Valin’s video deposition is played for the Jury. He treated MJ in the early 2000′s when MJ lived at Neverland. In 2001, MJ came to the office and wanted a Doctor to make house calls. Dr. Van Valin did. MJ invited the Dr. to Neverland that night. He went with his son, Mason. He describes the interior of Neverland. A friendship started. He remembered one time he got up for work and opened the door to leave and there was MJ on the door step. MJ said he just got there but Dr. Van Valin asked MJ’s driver who said they had been there for 35 minutes. Dr. Van Valin invited him in, got his wife up to entertain MJ and off her would go to work. MJ would play monopoly, eat pizza, play. By the time Dr. Van Valin got home, the house would be a disaster…

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 78 – September 3 2013 – Summary

No Jackson family members are in court today. 

Dr. Paul Earley Testimony

AEG direct

In the opening minutes – he talked about scant info on propofol and propofol abuse. In the summer of 2012 he told AEG he would like to do a study. By October he had a budget of $53,000 that AEG funded. CORRECTION – The budget was presented in the summer of 2012 for 6 months work. AEG Funded the project.The final draft was ready to be published in January 2013. Dr. Early testified that AEG had no information of study conclusions. Also in January 2013 Dr. Earley’s status changed from consultant to AEG to an expert witness. Now he could review MJ’s and court records. (ABC7) One of the issues the lawyers argued about this morning was related to Dr. Earley’s testimony about a study he published on propofol. Earley published a study based on more than 20 case studies of people addicted to propofol (they were all medical professionals.) AEG Live paid to have the study completed. Earley said he compiled some of the materials before his involvement in the case. After he began testifying, AEG Live defense attorney Kathryn Cahan asked about the study and how much AEG Live paid for its completion. Earley said in all, AEG paid about $53k for the study to get completed, including money to pay for a writer, statistician. AEG wasn’t shown an advance copy of the article, which was published in March 2013 in a medical journal, Earley said. Earley said he had treated about 25 cases of propofol addiction during his 30-year career _ all were medical professionals. Earley said AEG Live agreed to pay for the study because there wasn’t a lot of literature about propofol addiction. (AP)