Jacksons vs AEG - Day 57 – July 26 2013 – Summary

(source : ABC7 unless otherwise indicated)

Dr. Scott Saunders video deposition

Attorney Adam Hunt did the questioning.

Dr. Scott Saunders graduated in 1997 from Brigham Young University, attended medical school at UCLA. Currently, Dr. Saunders works at Buellton Medical Center with Dr. Barnie Van Valin. There's also Dr. Debra Weinstein, who worked at Santa Inez Valley Cottage Hospital.

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 56 – July 25 2013 – Summary

(source : ABC7 unless otherwise indicated)

Katherine Jackson is in court.

Outside the presence of the jury, Jacksons' attorney Brian Panish expressed concern about next witness. Nurse and anesthetist David Fournie had conversation with Dr. Klein and defendants want to introduce that conversation in the testimony. Fournier is performing anesthesia in MJ, there's a situation that arises, Kathryn Cahan said. 'Oh, he has a Narcan implant,' Dr. Klein allegedly told Fournier, who then directs Fournier how to treat MJ. Panish said this was in 2003. He claims it's character evidence, that MJ never disclosed it to the nurse. He also claims to be hearsay. Judge asked sides to research if the conversation would be considered exception to the hearsay rule. Bina said Fournier didn't know what to do, he asked the doctor and changed the treatment. She said MJ admitted he had an implant after. Cahan: He's administered anesthesia, MJ stopped breathing for 5 minutes, Fournier had to breath for him. Cahan: That continues until he realizes there's a reaction to Narcan implant. Panish asked what the relevance is, said defendants are trying to introduce character evidence, which has nothing to do with this case. Cahan said the relevance is that Fournier asked MJ about changes from prior treatment. Cahan: MJ knew he had a Narcan implant and chose not to disclose it. He stopped breathing for 5 minutes in the middle of the procedure. Cahan said it goes to the issues of life expectancy, addiction issue, concealment of drug use. Judge is overruling the objection since she thinks it's been offered for the truth and it's hearsay. Defendants not allowed to use it.

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 54 – July 23 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson is not in court.

John Meglen (Co-CEO of Concerts West) Testimony

AEG direct

Meglen didn't have involvement in Michael Jackson's contract. He said after the initial meeting, there was a quiet period. Then they met again in ealry 2008 and began discussions of what to do and where to go with MJ's comeback tour. (ABC7)

Defense attorney Jessica Stebbins Bina is doing the questioning of Meglen. She asked him this morning about initial plans for “TII” shows. Meglen said London was the venue AEG Live considered most because it’s considered “the biggest concert market in the world.” He said AEG considered putting Jackson’s shows in Asia, possibly Shanghai or Tokyo. He noted Asia was a historically strong market for MJ. Meglen said Japan is still the stronger concert market. “You can generate a lot more revenue in Japan than in China,” he said. He said ultimately the economics of having Jackson do his shows in Asia didn’t work out. They couldn’t get a high enough ticket price there. North America was not an option, Meglen said, due to Jackson’s reputation here and controversies he'd had here. (AP)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 55 – July 24 2013 – Summary

Katherine and Trent Jackson are at court. 

John Meglen Testimony

Jackson Cross

AEG Live executive John Meglen is back on the stand. He’s being cross examined by plaintiff’s lawyer Brian Panish. There were some testy exchanges between Meglen and Panish. The lawyer went back over a lot of Meglen’s testimony from yesterday. There were lots of objections. The judge also had to tell Meglen to give yes or no answers, and told Panish not to argue with the witness. The session actually ended when the judge called a sidebar right before the lunch break. (AP)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 53 – July 22 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson Testimony

AEG Cross

Putnam explained to Mrs. Jackson about the discovery process, where both sides have to exchange documents related to the case. (ABC7)

Putnam asked two lines of questions _ about how she came to file the lawsuit and what documents she turned over in discovery. Putnam asked whether Katherine Jackson turned over emails or records of her son’s payments to her. She said no. Katherine Jackson’s attorney Brian Panish objected to the questions, but the judge allowed them. Panish said Mrs. Jackson doesn’t use email. Mrs. Jackson said her son paid for most of her expenses directly. He gave her cash, but she didn’t keep records of it. Putnam asked about Mrs. Jackson’s assistant, Janice Smith, questioning whether she logged payments from MJ. Answer was no. Katherine Jackson: “My son took care of me. He paid for everything. Food. Shelter. Clothing.” (AP)