Jacksons vs AEG - Day 52 – July 19 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson Testimony

Jackson direct

She states her full name: Katherine Esther Jackson. She said her date of birth is May 4, 1930, which makes her 83 years old. She said she's a little hard time hearing. Mrs. Jackson said this is the first time she's testified in court and she is a little nervous. (ABC7)

Panish: Did you get a lot of sleep last night?
Mrs. Jackson: No (ABC7)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 51 – July 18 2013 – Summary

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Dr. Emery Brown Video Deposition Testimony

Dr. Brown is an anesthesiologist and practices in Boston, Massachusetts.He detailed his extensive background in the medical field. Dr. Brown is a practicing anesthesiologist, works at MIT in Massachusetts. Among many of his current jobs, Dr. Brown is an Associate Director at Institute for Medical Engineering Science at MIT. He's also on the faculty of Sleep Medicine Dept at Harvard, did his medical thesis under Dr. Czeisler, who testified earlier in the case. Dr. Brown is board certified in anesthesia. He belongs to several professional societies and publications in the field. The first 20 minutes of Dr. Brown's testimony was detailing his qualifications. He has written around 140 or so articles for professional journals on medical matters.

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 49 – July 16 2013 – Summary

Katherine and Trent Jackson is in court.

Court opened this morning with arguments on whether it was proper for AEG lawyers to show Erk a judgment against Jackson. The judgment was related to case filed by concert promoter Marcel Avram against Jackson in Santa Barbara. Plaintiffs objected to its use. Plaintiff’s attorney Brian Panish argued that the $5 million judgment against Jackson wasn’t final -- it had been appealed and later settled. Panish argued it was improper “character evidence” and shouldn’t have been shown to the jury on Monday. AEG’s attorneys argued that the case had been settled for $6.5 million. The appeal was dropped, they said, which made the judgment final. The judge agreed with AEG Live and she wouldn’t instruct the jury regarding the judgment. “Let’s keep going, she said. (AP)

Arthur Erk Testimony

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 50 – July 17 2013 – Summary

Outside the presence of the jurors, judge told everyone to follow the rules of the court and that things are getting out of hand. This comment was made in light of the heated exchange between the attorneys in the hallway yesterday while talking to the media and fans. Judge called attorneys for both sides into her chambers for a sidebar. Earlier today, the court sent email to all media members that interviews are to be conducted only in approved areas or outside the building. Yesterday, after session concluded, attorneys for both sides were in the hallway speaking to the media and got angry at each other. Jacksons' attorney Brian Panish and AEG's attorney Marvin Putnam shouted words to each other. Sheriffs were summoned to calm them down. (ABC7)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 48 – July 15 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson is in court

Arthur Erk Testimony

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Jackson direct

Erk explained business management, paying bills, intellectual property. A master recording is when artist records track in studio, Erk said. Songwriter completes a song, Erk said. A self-published individual will write notes and lyrics, sends to copyright office in Washington D.C. Use license exists whether it is artist on internet who is not signed by a record label or record company, Erk explained. Royalty calculations have not change, he said, only distribution. Technology advances have changed the industry, Erk testified. Erk: For artist to release song must go to