Jacksons vs AEG - Day 67 – August 12 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson is in court

Prior to beginning of session, attorneys discussed with judge about the next witnesses/exhibits outside the presence of the jury. (ABC7) Forensic accountant William Ackerman is today’s witness. He’ll be testifying about Jackson’s financial history, spending. Testimony got a late start (about 50 minutes) because attorneys were arguing issues about Ackerman’s opinions and whether he could testify. Plaintiff’s attorney Brian Panish argued that Ackerman’s testimony should be blocked because it was cumulative. Panish argued that another defense witness, Eric Briggs, had testified about Jackson’s debts and Ackerman’s opinion would be redundant. AEG Live’s lawyers however argued that Ackerman’s opinion was about Jackson’s financial history and spending and weren’t duplicative. There are 200,000 pages of Jackson’s financial records that form the basis of Ackerman’s opinion. Many are from the 2000s. The judge agreed to allow Ackerman to testify, but did tell AEG to take out certain pictures from slides that will be shown to the jury. For instance, the judge told AEG to take out slides showing a BMW and the Harvard logo. AEG said those were things Jackson’s children might be entitled to. Judge also said AEG shouldn’t show an image of Carolwood mansion to reflect the Jacksons’ housing (AP)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 66 – August 9 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson is not present in court.

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Kathy Jorrie Testimony 

AEG redirect

Kathy Jorrie is back on the stand. Jessica Stebbins Bina resumed re-direct examination. Bina showed Jorrie MJ's contract. Paragraph 13: Artistco hereby represents/warrants that Artist does not posses any known health condition injuries or ailments that would reasonably be expected to interfers with Artist's first class performance.

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 64 – August 7 2013 – Summary

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Kathy Jorrie Testimony

Jackson cross

Brian Panish, attorney for the Jacksons, doing the questioning.

Jorrie brought copy of the contract she used as template to draft Dr. Conrad Murray's agreement. She also gathered an estimate AEG paid her law firm since 2000, covering 14 years of work. Panish asked if it was in excess of $7.2 million. Jorrie: It's my estimate that my firm received a little over $ 7 million since 2000, which is about $500,000/year for services for AEG Live.

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 65 – August 8 2013 – Summary

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Katherine Jackson is in court.

The judge started out by asking attorneys for a time estimate on the case. Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos said she felt she needed to give the jurors an update on how long they'd be here. AEG Live's lawyers said they hoped to be done with the defense case in early September. There are a lot of witnesses that still need to be called, though, and lots of days the court won’t be in session in late Aug, early Sept. There could also be a rebuttal case, which Panish said would probably currently be about 4 witnesses. There's also closing statements. When the jury came in, Judge Yvette Palazuelos told them her estimate had changed and she thought they’d get the case by the end of Sept. “You can write me a note if that presents a problem,” the judge said. She noted that one juror has already said she needed to be done in August (AP)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 63 – August 6 2013 – Summary

Katherine and Trent Jackson is in court.

Judge Yvette Palazuelos and attorneys spent more than 1 hour and 15 mins this morning discussing boundaries for next witness, Kathy Jorrie. Jorrie is a lawyer who works for AEG and put together Murray's contract. Both sides argued extensively regarding attorney-client privilege. (ABC7)

There were lots of arguments today today about testimony of Kathy Jorrie. Jorrie is an independent attorney who does a lot of work for AEG Live. She's handled almost 300 matters for the company since its creation. The arguments about what Jorrie would be able to testify about today lasted for more than an hour. Jorrie drafted Conrad Murray’s agreement to work on the “This Is It” tour. There were concerns about atty-client