Jacksons vs AEG - Day 32 – June 18 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson is in court.

Kai Chase testimony

Jackson direct

Attorney Deborah Chang is doing the questioning. (ABC7)

Chase said she's personal chef for the past 17 years. She currently works for Katherine Jackson and MJ's children Prince, Paris and Blanket. Chase worked for MJ while he was preparing for tour. She began working for him end of March, was let go in May and brought back in June 09. (ABC7)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 31 – June 17 2013 – Summary

Jackson family was not in court

David Berman Testimony

David Berman lasted all day in the stand. William Bloss, attorney for the Jacksons, did the questioning. Sabrina Strong for AEG crossed. (ABC7)

Jackson direct

Berman has been an executive in the music industry for 45 years. He has BA in Business Admin from University of Michigan and JD from Harvard. Berman represented artists, negotiated management agreements, worked with Beach Boys Temptations, A&M records, 20th Century Fox, the Doors. Some of Berman's work included contracts. He went to Warner Brothers, worked with MadonnaFleetwood Mac, Prince. Berman said he did acquisitions with other record companies. He explained the function of music lawyer is the "deal." Berman explained 60 to 70% of his practice involved contracts. He became president of Capitol Records, supervised running the record company. Berman worked with Bonnie Raittt, Beastie Boys, Queen, Paul McCartney; left Capitol Records in Sept 89; returned to law firm for the year. Berman then went to Geffen Records as senior executive in charge of business affairs. Became general counsel and supervised business affairs. Berman worked with Guns and Roses, Eagles,Peter Gabriel. In Feb 1998 went to Walt Disney to be in charge of Buena Vista Music group. (ABC7)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 29 – June 13 2013 – Summary

(Source: Majority of the below is from ABC7 unless otherwise indicated)

Randy Phillips Testimony 

AEG cross

Jurors viewed a lengthy clip of Michael Jackson as he rehearsed "Billie Jean." some jurors could not help but smile. Phillips wiped his eyes. Jackson performed his iconic gyrations. Phillips testified that video, shot weeks before Jackson died, showed no signs of health problems.

Putnam showed "Trouble of the Front" email chain that Randy Phillips forwarded to MJ's team at the time saying we have a real problem here. Phillips: I thought it was essential they got this information, I wanted to be completely transparent with his management team. "I wanted everybody to be in the loop of the information I was getting," 

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 30 – June 14 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson was in court.

Randy Phillips Testimony

Jackson redirect

Panish started out by asking Phillips about his meeting with Jackson’s ex-manager, Tohme Tohme, at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills. Phillips denied calling Katherine Jackson anything derogatory during the meeting. He also denied he called Jackson a “freak.” (AP) 

Phillips denied again using derogatory terms to refer to Mrs. Jackson while meeting with Dr. Tohme at Polo Lounge on May 4th of this year. (ABC7) Phillips also denied that he discussed the Jackson vs AEG Live case with Tohme, but says other people may have. Lawyers were at the meeting. (AP)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 28 – June 12 2013 – Summary

Jackson family was not in the courtroom

Randy Phillips Testimony

AEG cross

A lot of his early testimony focused on Jackson’s ex-manger, Tohme Tohme. Phillips told jurors how he met with Tohme for two hours at the bar in the Hotel Bel-Air to discuss Jackson’s tour in 2008. That was the first of many meetings over the years between Phillips and Tohme. It led to a later meeting with Jackson.(AP)

Phillips recalled his first meeting in the summer of 2008 with Dr. Tohme in the bar of the Bel Air Hotel. Phillips said his understanding was that Dr. Tohme went over expenses and signed the checks for Michael. Meeting lasted 2 hours. Dr. Tohme described Michael's circumstances, his life, career, where he was living, finances. They mostly talked about restarting his career. (ABC7)