Murray Trial Day 7 October 5, 2011

Sally Hirschberg (SH) Testimony

Prosecutor Walgren Direct

SH states that she is employed with SeaCoast Medical, a medical and pharmaceutical distributor and they sell medical supplies. SH states she is an account rep and she has been employed there for 10 years. SH states that they have an account record of medical order records held by Conrad Murray.



Murray Trial Day 5 October 3, 2011

Morning Session

Dr. Richelle Cooper Resumption of Direct by David Walgren

Cooper states that CM indicated he had given MJ 4 miligrams of lorazepam, with no mention of propofol. Cooper states that there were over 14 people in the room where MJ was at UCLA, but that she had the final say over everything that happened in the room. Cooper states that she was aware that paramedics have given "starter drugs" at the Carolwood home and also during transport to UCLA. Cooper states that at UCLA,


Murray Trial Day 6 October 4 , 2011

Morning Session

Stacey Ruggels (SR) Testimony

Brazil Direct

SR has worked for CM since 1997. June 25. 10:34 AM phone call. She talked to CM for 8.5 minutes. 11:07AM she called CM back. She spoke to him again. 

Chenoff Cross

Defense asks what the conversation was about. SR says she called CM to let CM know that she had sent the email. It was brief call. 

Defense asks if she helped CM to open an office in Houston in 2005. CM wanted to open an office for his father's memory. Her duty was to look for places to open office. They opened the office in July 10, 2006. 


Murray Trial Day 4 September 30 2011

Morning session

Bob Johnson Testimony 

Walgren Direct

Employed by Nonin Medical, designs noninvasive medical equipment such as pulse oximeters. Johnson states he is the Director of Regulatory Affairs Clinical Research and Quality Assurance. Johnson states his responsibilities are to get product approval with the FDA and Worldwide Health Ministries. Johnson states that the clinical research entails both animal and human research. Johnson states again that Nonin Medical designs pulse oximeters.