September 23, 2011 Jury Selection Report

84 jury candidates were brought in for selection process. 10 jury candidates were quickly dismissed because they said they could no longer serve on such a long case. The personality and life of Michael Jackson dominated much of the jury questioning. 

Conrad Murray’s defense team asked potential jurors:

- Do you believe Michael Jackson is less capable of making decisions that somebody else his age?
- If Michael Jackson was "childlike...not capable of making decisions?"
- Does anybody think that Michael Jackson should be held to a different standard of responsibility? 
- Does anybody believe that Dr. Murray is partially responsible for Michael Jackson ‘s death? 

Prosecution asked if the jurors could convict Murray if they found Michael Jackson had contributed to his own death. Jurors were given a hypothetical situation where a reckless driver runs a red light and kills a pedestrian who was “also not being safe as he could be and steps out in front of a car.” “You could say the driver is not 100% responsible, but he did play a substantial role,” DA Walgren said. “Could you find him guilty?” he asked to the jurors. 

12 Jurors selected consists of 7 men and 5 women. 6 of the jurors are White, 5 of the jurors are Hispanic and 1 is African American. 5 alternate jurors (3 women, 2 men) were also selected.

Below are basic information about the 12 jurors.

Juror #127 Mexican-American female, 54, property manager, has a daughter who was an alcohol and drug user 5 years ago, thinks famous people are treated differently in court. She loved MJ's music as a girl.

Juror #145 White male, 45, partner in management consulting firm, wife is pediatric nurse at a hospital, served twice on a jury, watched "This is It".

Juror #61 White female, 57, unemployed, worked in past for Red Cross, followed the OJ trial, her younger brother uses drugs, served 5 times on a jury.

Juror #70 White male, 54, college professor of animation and art, created characters for motion pictures at Disney, followed OJ trial, convicted of DUI, thinks celebs are not treated the same by police and can bend rules. MJ fan.

Juror #44 Cuban/Mexican-White, family members with alcohol addiction, served on a civil jury, fan of MJ, especially Thriller.

Juror #49 White female, 43, head of communications for international marketing firm, served as juror in child sexual abuse case, does not think cops are more lenient with celebs.

Juror #100 white female, 48, paralegal for 30 years, watched Casey Anthony trial, brother is an EMT, people of wealth and fame treated differently in court system.

Juror #52 Mexican male, 51, USPS letter carrier, wife is back-office medical assistant, fan of MJ.

Juror #99 Hispanic male, 42, school bus driver, father was addicted to alcohol, father-in-law died from alcohol abuse, served on a jury, MJ fan.

Juror #38 Hispanic female, 36, customer service rep, watched Casey Anthony trial , former employer is a doctor, father was an absent alcoholic, served on a DUI jury, MJ fan.

Jury #128 African American male, 54, technical director for TV, has cousin is a judge and another cousin who's a lawyer, his dad died of alcoholism, juror on 3 cases, loved the Jackson 5 as a kid, now likes Jay Z.

Juror #108 White male 32, book seller, juror in civil trial, trained actor, MJ fan.