Murray Trial Day 18 October 26, 2011

Gerry Causey Testimony

Causey met CM 11 years ago in Las Vegas when he had a heart attack. He was 57 years old and had high blood pressure but didn’t expect to have a heart attack. CM talked to him for a few minutes about the procedure, made sure he understood and made him sign papers. He didn’t want to be sedated for the procedure. 

Causey says that he received one stent and kept seeing CM for controls after the procedure and they became friends. Causey says that CM explains everything in simple terms and doesn’t rush the patients. Once Causey spent 4 and half hours in CM’s office. 

Causey says CM isn’t greedy because he didn’t charge his deductible. CM told him he would be back and gave him his phone number.

Walgren cross

Causey had given 2 media interviews about CM. 

CM had informed him he was leaving his practice around April. 

After Walgren’s questioning Causey says he was treated for a heart condition and not for a sleep disorder or drug dependency.

Walgren asks where the procedure happened. Causey says it was in a hospital, he signed papers, and there were monitor and 3 additional people in the room. 

Causey got put additional stents all again in a hospital with additional personnel present. 

Chernoff redirect

Causey says he was not paid for media interview and gave them to help his friend CM. Causey says he helped CM because of love, compassion and he doesn’t think he did what he’s accused of. 

Walgren recross

Walgren asks even if CM acted with gross negligence would he still be here to support CM. Causey says yes. 

Andrew Guest Testimony

Guest met CM in 2002. He was 39 years old and had pain in his chest, arm and had a headache. CM put stents to him and solved his chest pain. 

Guest says that CM is the best doctor and explains everything and makes sure that you are okay. 

Walgren cross

Causey did media interviews as well. 

Walgren asks what kind of treatments he got. It was for a heart condition and CM had a team to help him and necessary medical equipment was available. 

Walgren asks if CM gave him Propofol in his bedroom. Guest says no.

Walgren asks if every patient deserves the level of care he had. Guest says yes and wants to add something but Walgren doesn’t let him.

Chernoff redirect

Guest wanted to add CM provides great care in his office too. Guest also says that he wasn’t paid by the media and he talked to the media because he believes CM needs support. 

Walgren recross

Guest says that nothing would change his mind about CM.

Lunette Sampson Testimony

Sampson had 3 heart attacks. In 2008 she had a heart attack while CM was out of town. Another doctor told her that she’s okay. CM didn’t agree with the doctor and wanted her to have a test done. She didn’t have the test and had another heart attack. 

Sampson says that CM is very caring and takes his time with the patients (he doesn’t rush). 

Sampson says CM is not greedy and he takes care of people pro bono and pays for medication when patients can’t pay. 

Walgren cross

Walgren asks who asked her to testify. Sampson was contacted by CM’s PR people. 

CM never mentioned he was going to work for MJ. He just said that he was going to London for a year and referred her to another doctor. Sampson says she was distresses because she doesn’t trust other doctor because of what happened to her. 

Walgren mentions a discipline letter CM got from Sunrise Hospital. On December 24th CM was called at 11:00AM and at 11:05AM. CM called the hospital back around 12:00PM and asked the staff to call another doctor. CM got to the hospital at 01:56PM. This was 3 hours after he was first called and there was a serious risk of blood clotting for the patient. Sampson was not aware of this letter.

Walgren asks what kind of treatment Sampson received. She says heart condition. Walgren asks if CM knew what the other doctor did to her is because the other doctor kept records. 

Chernoff redirect

Due to hospital procedures doctors are supposed to call in within 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Dennis Hix Testimony

Hix lives at a house next door to CM’s children in Las Vegas and met CM around 1999. He had heart problem. His previous doctor told that it can’t be fixed but CM fixed his problem. CM put 6 stents in a hospital. 

Hix says CM is the best doctor and helped his brother for free when he didn’t have the money to go to ER.

Walgren cross

Hix received a letter from CM in 2009. CM didn’t say what he was going to do and never mentioned MJ. 

Walgren asks what Hix was treated for. It was for heart condition and several other things but it was not for sleep disorder or drug dependency. Hix says he doesn’t know if CM kept records for his medical treatment.

Ruby Mosley Testimony

Mosley lives in Houston in Acres home community. Acres home is a senior citizen low income area. Mosley says she knew CM’s father. In 2006 CM opened a clinic in honor of his father. 

Mosley says CM is not greedy and if he was greedy he wouldn’t open a clinic in a low income area. Mosley says CM didn’t do much money in Houston and opened the clinic because CM’s father had a clinic there and CM made a commitment to continue the medical care after his father. 

Mosley says she and her husband is treated by CM. CM put her stents. 

Walgren cross 

Walgrens asks if Mosley met Sade Anding. Mosley says she saw CM at the clinic and does not know what he did in his personal life. 

Mosley says CM is very knowledgeable and can recite details as it related to medical care plans. 

Chernoff redirect

Mosley says that CM took his time with the patients and explained everything to her. Appointments could go on for an hour. Mosley says he saw patients no matter how long it took. 

Mosley says she misses CM.

Court ends early due to scheduling issues