Something that's not reported in the media


Lloyd's issued subpoena's to 7 doctors for Michael's medical records. Those are


Dr. Edward Kantor - otolaryngology

Dr. Arnold Klein

Cherilyn Lee

Nutrimed Health (Lee's company/practice)

Dr. Allan Metzger

Mickey Fine Pharmacy

Westcliff Labaratories



They are asking for 7.5 years of Michael's medical records (starting Jan 1 , 2004), Estate is also fighting that request.




September 2011



AEG has filed their response denying Lloyd's claims.


There's also a new filing from the DA's office. Prosecution in Murray's case (Walgreen and Brazil) is asking for a delay in the request of Lloyds. From the documents it can be seen that Lloyds had asked for business reports, medical reports, pictures from the LA Coroner's office and LA Fire Department. DA argues that there's a high media interest in this case, they argue that these documents can leak or be sold to media and can taint the jury pool. So they are asking for a stay in these requests till the end of Murray Trial.




October 2011


A judge delayed ruling about Lloyd's request of Michael's medical records until Dec. 1, 2011.




December 2011


After Conrad Murray trial the judge decides that Lloyd's can get Michael's medical records.





Dr. Slavit's examination of Michael is filed at Lloyd's lawsuit. 



General appearance : healthy

Temperature : 98 F

blood pressure : 110/65

Cardiovascular : normal sinus rhythm / no murmurs


Height : 5 ' 9"

Pulse : 48

Respiratory : 16 Lungs clear / no wheeze


Weight: 127

Ears : normal

Nose: septum midline  minor congestion

Throat: normal cords

Abdominal: soft -nontender




December 2011 



Updates about Lloyds - AEG / MJ Estate (third party) lawsuit



- The $17.5 Million policy had a premium that was close to $500,000 - AEG says they paid the premium. 

- Lloyds sent subpoena to 21 people / entities asking for any/ all documents related to Micheal for the last 4 years (2004-2009). These include:

--- a medical center in Santa Maria (reportedly a branch of UCLA)

--- medical board of California

--- LA Coroner

--- LA fire department

--- Mickey Fine pharmacy

--- multiple labs that has done blood tests for Michael's doctors

--- Dr. Arnold Klein

--- Nurse Cheryln Lee

--- Dr. Edward Kantor

--- Dr. Allan Metzger

--- Insurance broker Bob Taylor

--- Michael's previous attorney Dennis Hawk

--- Karen Faye


They also send depositions to Dr. Edward Kantor, Dr. Allan Metzger, Dr. Arnold Klein, Nurse Cheryln Lee, MJ's old Lawyer Dennis Hawk, AEG's lawyer Kathy Jorrie and Karen Faye. 


Lloyds argue that nothing about Michael’s medical records is private anymore. To quote them “Media coverage relating to these records and Jackson’s history of narcotic use , including but not limited to Demerol and Propofol, the use of which may have resulted in his death, have been disseminated globally, rendering any privacy concerns entirely moot. The horse is clearly out of the barn.”


Some insurance companies (not Lloyds) that covered parts of the insurance policy are trying to join Lloyd’s complaint to not pay the insurance policy. AEG/ MJ Estate is arguing that they filed their request too late.  


Lloyds information and document requests from AEG seems to be endless. They include

-They want to depose the person that’s most knowledgeable about the insurance policy

-Ask if AEG assigned their rights on the insurance policy to MJ Estate

-Want any documents between AEG and MJ Estate in regards to the insurance policy

-They want to know everything about AEG- Murray agreement and the orders given to Kathy Jorrie.

-Ask if AEG told MJ not to see Klein

-Ask if AEG complained Michael about not attending rehearsals

-Ask if AEG ordered Murray not to treat Michael or if they have him any instructions 

-Ask about the medical equipment Murray asked and AEG’s plans in regards to them such as if/when they would provide them

-Ask if AEG knew Murray was giving Propofol, Lorazepam, Midazolam and so on to Michael

-Want any and all medical records including autopsy pictures

-Want hair samples taken from MJ

-Want the Jackson family second autopsy report

-Want everything in regards to Dr.Slavit’s medical examination of Michael in February 2009

-Want documents, communications between AEG and Murray

-Want any medical records of Murray

-Want any documents about compensation of Murray

-Want to know about AEG’s meeting with Michael including meetings at Carolwood

-Want to know any communications with AEG and Tohme

-Want to know all the efforts of AEG concerning Murray such as housing for him in London, medical license, medical malpractice insurance and so on

-Want AEG’s contracts with all the people worked at TII

-Want cost , revenue expectations and all finances for TII

-Want rental agreement for Michael in UK

-Want any and all rehearsal footage of TII


Personally to me at times Lloyds requests seem to be overkill and irrelevant. This is an insurance case that Lloyds is requesting not to pay the $17.5 million insurance policy claiming that Michael’s medical history wasn’t disclosed to them and Michael’s death was homicide and not accident. I fail to see why rental houses AEG was getting for Michael and Murray is relevant for example. 


Some requests of Lloyds from AEG is also seem to be impossible for AEG to do. For example

- Lloyds twice (December 2009 and October 2010) asked AEG to provide them the second autopsy done by the Jackson family. Knowing that KJ is suing AEG, it’s unlikely that she provided them a copy. 

-Lloyds again twice asked AEG to provide them samples of Michael’s blood and hair. I would say it’s unlikely that AEG would have such stuff in their possession. 

-Lloyds again twice asked for Murray’s medical records of Michael. We know that there are no recent medical records kept by Murray.

-And most funnily Lloyds has asked AEG twice (December 2009 and October 2010) to make Conrad Murray available for interview or examination under oath. They also asked them to make Tohme available. These people are not employees of AEG. 


From documents we can also see that Lloyds claims include

- Michael had physical, psychological and medical problems and AEG knew or should have known it.

- Murray was hired to medicate Michael or AEG should have known that was the case.

-  AEG’s loss from cancellation of TII is less than $17.5 Million


Lloyds also question if AEG knew or thought the reason for Michael missing the rehearsals was due to drugs.





Second medical information


June 22 Email from insurance firm to broker



June 24 Email from insurance firm to broker



June 24 Email from broker to AEG and Murray




then Paul Gongaware responds it has to be done at MJ's house, The broker responds back to him at the insurance firm won't accept that and it has to be at the doctors office. the last email is sent from the broker to AEG / Murray on midnight of June 24 / June 25 asking them confirm the July 6 afternoon for the second medical.




December 2011


AEG has recently filed for a request for stay in the Lloyd's lawsuit. They say as they are defending themselves in wrongful death lawsuits against Katherine and Joe Jackson they would be prejudiced. They are asking for a stay in this lawsuit until KJ- AEG and JJ-Murray & AEG lawsuits are over.




January 2012


Judge agrees to delay setting a trial date. However judge rules that information exchange between the parties will continue. Judge also agrees to classify some information as confidential and appoint evidence referee.