HTWF Exhibits starts a disagreement between MJ Estate and HTWF



HTWF was late to turn in their evidence and they gave thousands of pages of documents. They also didn't name of number the documents. Let me give you an example from the exhibit list


this is Estate's exhibit 46 : 1/12/2005 E-mail from Johnson to Raymone K.Bain dated 1/12/05 [Bates stamped HTWF 005203-04]


this is HTWF exhibit 877 : tmr-jackson-3-hl.pdf


As you can see what the HTWF exhibits are unclear and they are not numbered.

April 2011 - MJ Estate and HTWF argues about jury trial - non jury trial. This is my post about it



Estate requests a non-jury trial as they are not asking for any damages and asking only for injunctive relief . In other words they only ask the court to [U]stop[/U] Melissa Johnson and fake HTWF from using Michael's name, image and likeliness and want Michael's trademarks and government records to be corrected. 


HTWF lawyer argued that Estate initially wanted a jury trial and later just changed their minds and just did a verbal request on [U]March 29[/U] for a non-jury trial. 

These series will be the collection of my posts from MJJC about the MJ Estate - HTWF lawsuit.


September 30, 2009 MJ Estate sues HTWF. Media reports :


The estate of the late Michael Jackson has filed a lawsuit against the Heal The World Foundation for exploiting his death by unlawfully seeking trademarks using the name `Michael Jackson` and phrases such as `King Of Pop`, `Heal The World`, `MJ`, Neverland` and `Thriller`. They claim the charity is deceiving the public into thinking they operate the charities and are fooling fans into believing they are making donations in Michael’s name. 

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