Since Judge Beckloff’s move to Santa Monica earlier this year, the documents are no longer scanned and added to the online documents system. Betty Brynes graciously agreed to go and get the documents. We wouldn’t have this information if it wasn’t for her. I’m grateful for all her help. In this post I’ll do an update about Safechuck case and I’ll do a separate post about the Robson case. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

The last information we had about Safechuck cases are as follows:

  • -          In September 2015, Judge dismissed Safechuck’s probate claim against MJ Estate.
  • -          In June 2015, Judge reviewed filings and allowed the start of Safechuck’s civil case against MJ Companies. 
  • -          In July 2015, Safechuck have filed his civil complaint. Then amended his complaint in October 2015
  • -          In December 2015, Estate have filed their demurrer against Safechuck civil case.
  • -          A hearing on the demurrer motion was set for March, 2016.

I can now report that Judge Beckloff ruled on the demurrer on August 23rd, 2016 – just 10 days ago.

Demurrer ruling document:

Judge granted Estate’s demurrer request but gave Safechuck 30 days to amend his complaint. The main reason that the judge agreed with Estate’s demurrer is that Safechuck failed to allege any duty of care MJ Companies had against him. Judge states that Safechuck first need to establish MJ Companies had a duty of care against him. Only after that whether or not he can bring this lawsuit after his 26th birthday will be determined.

Judge granting Estate’s demurrer request doesn’t mean this is over. Most likely Safechuck will amend his complaint, Estate will again file a demurrer to the amended complaint and we will go through this whole process at least one more time.

However Judge’s ruling may potentially signal an issue for Safechuck as he doesn’t have ties to the MJ Companies as Robson does.  I will continue to do updates on this case to my best of ability.